Tenancy Agreement Act Zambia

5. When the tenant applies for a new tenancy agreement in accordance with the provisions of this section, the current tenancy agreement expires, subject to the provisions of Section 2 of Section 18 and Section 2 regarding the provisional continuation of the leases, just before the date indicated in the application to commence the new lease. (f) premises that consist of a tenancy agreement granted for the reasons for which the tenant has held a tenant`s office, appointment or employment and remains only as long as the tenant performs such a function, appointment or employment or the tenant has entered into the tenancy agreement or at the end of the tenancy agreement on a date set by reference date on the date , to which the tenant takes possession, says; (2) When the tenant of a building is mentioned as a tenant under a lease agreement, as stated in section 6, paragraph 1, a notification in the prescribed form that requires it to do so, it is the obligation for that person to notify the tenant in writing within one month- (2) If the tenant requires it. , within fourteen days of issuing an order under this Act for the granting of a new lease, is applicable to the court for the withdrawal of the order, the court revokes the order; and if the order is revoked in this way, if it is agreed between the lessor and the tenant, or if it is set by the court, the current tenancy agreement beyond the date it would have ended, with the exception of that subsection, for the period agreed or deemed necessary to give the lessor a reasonable possibility of relocation or other transfer of the premises in the new rent; while the current lease is maintained under this subsection, it is not a lease agreement to which this Act applies. (c) what is the closest date (if available) when your lease can be terminated by notification from your immediate landlord. Provided that this date is not predetermined until the day when, outside the provisions of this Act, the current tenancy agreement would be terminated by time-appropriate effect or could be terminated by termination by the tenant. 2. The provisions of paragraph 1 do not apply in cases where the property included in the current building includes, in addition to the establishment, other heritage properties and the lessor requires that any new lease ordered pursuant to Section 1 be granted as a lease agreement for the entire country of the current lease; (1) A tenant`s application for a new tenancy agreement may be made if the tenancy agreement under which he currently holds (hereafter referred to as the “current lease”) is a tenancy agreement granted for a fixed term of year and then from one year to the next. 19.

Compensation if the order for a new lease is excluded for certain reasons 21. (1) If a person with an interest in commercial premises has an interest in reversion while waiting (immediately or not) for a lease of these premises, the tenant is required to make a notification in the prescribed form that obliges him to do so, it is the obligation for the tenant to inform that person in writing within one month of notification of the notice of contract – (2) The provisions of the subsection (1) a termination by : Termination by the tenant, surrender or forfeiture or forfeiture of a higher lease.